The Grape Escape! Foreign investors flock to Italy in search of lifestyle properties

Italy is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for foreign real estate investors thanks to its relaxed lifestyle, climate, history and heritage, according to the latest study released by Savills.

13Estate Giacomo Leopardi

The Savills Prime Residential Retreats study released April 2014, states that whilst the domestic Italian market has been subdued due to the Eurozone crisis, there is still a strong demand from international buyers looking for la dolce vita.

Russians and South Africans are amongst Italy’s most prolific international buyers, as are a growing number of French nationals, some of whom are looking to escape the threat of rising taxes back home. Chinese buyers have also flocked to Italy looking for lifestyle properties, moving on from snapping up bottles of fine wines to buying whole vineyards.

Dawn Cavanagh Hobbs, founder of Le Marche based Appassionata, comments,

“Italian properties offer so much more than just bricks and mortar, they offer the chance to step into a dynamic, living painting, to truly experience the Italian way of life. With so many fascinating and beautiful places to visit in Le Marche, even a lifetime simply isn’t enough to see everything that this stunning region has to offer.”

“With international buyers in mind, here at Appassionata we have developed luxury lifestyle properties with all the extras – olive groves, vineyards, a lavender plantation and a truffle orchard from which owners share in the bounty that these produce.

“Keen to make owning a slice of the real Italy as accessible and hassle free as possible, we have adopted the fractional ownership model. Each owner gets to use their chosen home for five weeks of every year while we take care of all aspects of the upkeep, including maintenance of the five acre estate in which the houses sit.”

Indeed, the five bedroom, five bathroom Casa Leopardi has only one share left for sale at just £195,000. With its own private pool and gym, and surrounded by terraces for outdoor dining, the property offers a level of luxury that most holiday home owners can only dream of.

For those who can’t quite stretch to buying their own Italian villa and vineyard, and who don’t fancy becoming slaves to a holiday home that requires maintenance the moment they arrive, Casa Leopardi offers the perfect solution.

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