Made in Le Marche : Denim by 2W2M

“People do not take a trip; a trip takes them”.

That’s what the American writer John Ernst Steinbeck loved to say when someone had asked his opinion about trips. Today, traveling has become integral part of our life, both we move for pleasure and for work. Usually, depending on our mood or needs, we decide how we want to travel. From this mixture of styles and different ways of life was born Spring/Summer collection 2014 by 2W2M.

It is only fitting that 2W2M is headquartered in the heart of Le Marche, a region which, together with the Veneto, is world famous for being home to Italy’s most important textile and clothing industries. Le Marche is also known as “Jeans Valley”; this is because of the way its different companies form a kind of jeans assembly line, each one working on various aspects of production, some directly involved in manufacturing, others focused on research and design. The crisis of the mid 1980s and again in the mid 1990s forced businesses to recalibrate. Those companies that decided to stay and invest in the region have placed a strong emphasis on product quality; they have concentrated on innovation, technology, research, and design, as well as marketing and brand recognition. It is an approach which 2W2M has embraced from the very beginning.

2W2M’s strong point is the quality of their product: denim and cotton garments are the result of careful tailoring and constant research into washes and fit. Despite the series of treatments they undergo, their garments are always impeccable. From the button to the stitch, every element is an integral part of the final product; nothing is left to chance. This is also thanks to the professionals who work with the company at each stage of the process, from concept, to production, to delivery in stores. Their greatest strength is also our ability to think at a micro scale but act at a macro one. Compagnia del Denim is part of Group Cris Conf (PINKO), a well-established organization, renowned throughout Italian and abroad. The Group appreciates the company’s identity as a “creative laboratory” focused on research and new washes, as well as our ability to innovate without forgetting the past. 2W2M want to keep making really exciting garments that combine tradition and innovation.


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