Italian Swimwear Fashion 2014

With the summer season in swing, it’s time to hit the beach in Italy!


And this year beach goers have even more options as the number of Italian beaches to be awarded a prestigious Blue Flag for clean water and pristine sands has risen again.

And as Italians never forgo their sense of style, let alone on the beach, we take a look at 2014 women’s swimwear trends through the collections of Italy’s most famous beachwear brands: La Perla, Parah, Calzedonia and Yamamay. To look your best on an Italian beach, it’s important to understand the haute couture tastes and trends that have shaped the Italian swimwear industry.


From classical elements inspired by earth, light and water (La Perla) to a sophisticated blend of tradition and innovation, romanticism and modernity (Parah) to fun, colorful and sexy collections (Calzedonia and Yamamay), Italian brands are sure to help you make la bella figura this summer!

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