Made in Le Marche : Grace by Fratelli Guzzini

It is sinuous and sophisticated, yet equally fresh and young: Grace, the new collection designed by Pio&Tito Toso wins the contest against the ancient Murano glass-making tradition.

The on-going quest for new expressive styles led to the creation of this elegant and sophisticated collection. A series of coloured and transparent slices of different thickness shape the objects of this collection designed by Pio&Tito Toso, the world-renowned Venetian designers who—thanks to their fresh creativity and pragmatism—featured alongside the most prestigious brands in the furniture and design sectors.

Grace comprises three containers with a diameter measuring 12, 20 and 25 cm, including a salad spoon set and bread basket. The flow of glossy white material on the inside, of transparent colours and of pale blue and sand nuances on the outside generates unique three-colour effects.

“’The project was born from matter. It was matter that designed the project, not vice-versa. We were captured by their transparency, colour and brightness, which evoke the traditional artistic glass-blowing tradition from which we come’, declared Tito Toso.

“’As genuine Venetians, we grew up among blown glass and, in particular, we were inspired by the Rigadin and watermark processing techniques in creating Grace’. Pio Toso added that ‘the colours were specifically chosen to enhance the lightness of this material. The pastel shades turn into a bright element within the object itself’.

Getting plastic to resemble the colours and shapes of glass seemed an impossible task, yet Guzzini and Pio&Tito Toso rose to the challenge and emerged victorious with Grace, a refined and unique collection.


The artists and designers of Murano constantly put themselves to the test working with a noble and ancient material: glass. They are the creators of unique, astounding, almost unimaginable shapes and colours. Guzzini, along with Pio and Tito Toso, took up the challenge and succeeded. Together they created Grace, a collection of extremely precious, unique and inimitable objects, like glass itself. Proof once more that the quality and fame of the “made in Italy” brand is a fact. Colours are also a special element of Grace. A careful selection of colours satisfies the latest trends and also offers flexibility in table settings: the same shades of colour can give a romantic feel to your table setting as well as a refined, elegant look.

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