AR(t)CEVIA – International art festival

The International Festival of art held in Arcevia, in the province of Ancona, will devote nearly two months to art and culture from 2nd August to 28th September.


The former Rocca Contrada located between the Apennines and the Adriatic Sea, is home to the seventh edition of AR [t] CEVIA, which presents a full calendar of events scattered throughout the territory. It starts on Saturday, August 2nd with a series of pictorial performances and musical exhibitions held in the most picturesque locations of the historic city centre.

AR[t]CEVIA’s main event is a collective exhibition of contemporary art (with 30 – 40 attending artists) hosted in several exhibition facilities (inside and outside one or more locations, depending on the agreements made every year with other organizations or similar initiatives) and other events on a weekly basis (for the entire duration of the festival. Solo and thematic exhibitions may be featured before or after the festival), such as concerts, recitals, performances, screenings, improvised performances, experimental theater, meetings, conferences, laboratories.

AR[t]CEVIA is a project that started in 2008. As an intriguing and passionate dream, AR[t]CEVIA attracted more than 500 artists in five editions, as well as a rich and diverse array of visitors, amateurs and professionals who participated to the event, recognizing it as one of the few remarkable events of this type on the national scene. After just 5 editions, the International Art Festival developed a strong and defined identity and it became a recognizable icon, not only in its hosting city, but as one of the most important and popular festivals, held in high esteem by the professionals of this and other sectors.

AR[t]CEVIA has brought back to life the original project of the 70s (fitting it to our times) to use the territory as a meeting point of artists and a nexus of artistic experimentation, just as it was in the past for artists such as Alighiero Boetti, Alberto Burri, Mario Ceroli and many others.

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