Bernard Tschumi’s finalized design for ANIMA Cultural Centre in Le Marche

As progress towards construction recommences on the ‘ANIMA Cultural Centre’, by Bernard Tschumi architects, a project-specific website has been launched in order to present the undertaking’s history and proceedings. In addition, a video has recently been released, which clarifies the design’s intentions and aspirations.


Located in the coastal city of Grottammare, ANIMA (arts, nature, ideas, music, action) will be Bernard Tschumi’s first project in Italy. the cultural centre aims to offer the Piceno region, along the Adriatic sea, a public place for collecting and cultivating a wide range of artistic, creative, and productive endeavors. the 10,000 sqm facility will house a mixture of programs accommodating events, exhibitions, and workshops, with a layout organized around a spacious central atrium.



From its exterior, the structure is identified as square mass which features four permeable façades of disparate vocabularies. The use of varying languages on each elevation negates the project’s iconicism, while referencing a multiplicity of patterns rather than a singular form. openings in the monolithic façade layer, made of lightly textured concrete, provide entry access and views from the interior.

bernard tschumi architects ANIMA cultural center designboom

the main cortile
image © bernard tschumi architects

The ANIMA cultural center’s layout is arranged with four distinct courtyards rotated around a main room. The central space allows for fluid circulation between each zone, complemented by a series of ramps to increase potentials for movement and varied views. a range of programs are located adjacent to the main hall, including labs, offices, a café, and support spaces.

bernard tschumi architects ANIMA cultural center designboom

south-east view: at night, integrated lighting illuminates the thickness of the concrete volume
image © bernard tschumi architects

Since a presentation of the final design by architect bernard tschumi in rome in february 2014, the project team has been conducting a series of meetings with italian authorities to move toward construction. With a planned groundbreaking by July 2015, the ANIMA Cultural Centre is expected to open its doors in early 2018.

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