Teodori: fashionable knitwear from Le Marche

Vita, the mother of the brothers running the company, loved knitting when she was an adolescent. She had a small machine only 60cm long and she used to sell her garments to the local people of Angeli di Rosora in the province of Ancona.


In 1949, at the age of 19, she visited Milan for the first time and bought her first real knitting machine. In 1959 she began to organize her activity in a more systematic way by setting up a small workshop and later expanding and producing on an industrial scale, without losing the craftsmanship and skills involved in the traditional way of making knitwear in the Marche.

Thanks to the creation of this business and the special relationship formed with those who worked for them, they have become like one big family. For this reason Vita obtained recognition from the Local Authorities for being a pioneer in her field and for promoting female employment.


Purposely using their father’s surname TEODORI as the company’s own brand name as it met with such great success during the Italian economic boom of the 60s and contributed to the popularity of the Made in Italy trend in the world. In the early 60s Teodori knitwear with the brand name LIFE was already being sold in the USA by Vita. Thanks to her overwhelming passion she managed to overcome both the distance and language barriers. In recent years the company has managed to adapt itself and respond to the new demands of the market.

All Teodori garments have a long tradition born in an agricultural area and it is thanks to these humble origins that the Teodori Knitwear Company is what it is today. Their secrets, techniques and creative skills together with a passion for  work and the quality of the materials used, make for a truly authentic product. They are a second generation family run business present in over twenty world markets.


The Teodori Knitwear Company has become an industrial partner for many ‘total look’ companies by completing their range with a supply of knitwear. They provide these companies with expert knowledge of the product, guiding them to make strategic choices in style, materials and techniques.

Fundamental to the Teodori knitwear process is the research carried out which leads to the development and innovation of our artistic and creative skills.The company has over sixty years experience based on traditional craftsmanship which has now been developed to incorporate modern and innovative techniques. The whole process is carefully controlled by a team of experts from Pesaro to Perugia via Macerata.


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