Holiday homes for mums – make relaxation the ultimate Mothers’ Day gift

Mums do it all these days. Since 1996 the number of working mothers has leapt by almost 800,000, to a total of 5.3 million according to a study by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The figures show that the number of women in the workplace with dependent children has leapt by almost a fifth in just one generation.

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The change is partly thanks to government initiatives to encourage single mothers to work, but even the number of non-single mothers who work has jumped by 10% since 1996. ONS data shows that just 10% of women now stay at home after having children.

Though many mothers feel guilty about leaving their offspring in order to work, successive studies have shown that the impact on children is actually a positive one. The latest, from economics professor Silvia Mendolia at Australia’s University of Wollongong, has shown that children of women working more than 35 hours per week are actually more likely to pursue higher education.

The pressure is certainly on for mums to achieve it all and balancing fulltime work and childcare responsibilities is without question a tiring feat. So, this Mother’s Day, make relaxation the ultimate gift, as working mum Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs of luxury fractional ownership company Appassionata explains,

“I feel lucky that my business allows me to balance time with my children and grandchildren, but not all mums have the flexibility to do so. Demanding careers and parental responsibilities can be exhausting and I know so many mothers who are lucky if they even get five minutes to themselves during the day. It means that the times when they do get to relax are so important.”

And what better way to relax than on a holiday in the sunshine? Appassionata’s latest fractional ownership holiday home, Casa Tre Archi, is perfectly located for families with young children who want to experience life in Italy while having everything on hand that they might need. Owner Chris Everard was delighted with how beautifully the house had been set up when he visited recently with his daughter and brand new granddaughter,

“The thoughtfulness, unrestricted kindness and generosity of spirit displayed by the Appassionata team in the setting up of a beautiful new baby’s cot, a selection of mats, toys and baby equipment was a true act of empathy and kindness.”

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