Letters From Le Marche – How Precious Life Is

Having spent the last two months in the UK, taking care of my terminally ill mother and ninety-year-old father, I started to reflect on how precious life is and how so often we take what we have for granted.

Although I have spent the majority of my life in England I feel a stranger when I return there. I struggle to remember to drive on the left and the amount of traffic on the roads fills me with horror. The dreaded shopping malls are too brightly lit, stuffy and overcrowded and that’s after you have gone round and round the multi-story carpark trying to find a parking space bigger than a postage stamp. The persistent rain and grey skies do little to lift my spirit…. And the politics, don’t get me started.

Having lived the best part of the last twelve years in Italy I have become accustomed to the gentle way of life here in Le Marche. The pace of life is slower, and the locals always take time to greet me. The small family-owned businesses are knowledgeable and are passionate about what they sell. I missed the food, I missed the sea, I missed the views but most of all I missed the coffee and smiles each morning.

Give me Le Marche life any day, I just wish I had found it sooner.

A presto,



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