Your Great Escape: why now is the best time to buy  a holiday home abroad

Your Great Escape: why now is the best time to buy a holiday home abroad


The US dollar is at a thirty-year high against the British pound, and rightly so American jetsetters are casting their eye across the pond and setting their sights on trips abroad that will now see their money stretch a lot further.

With a reported 50% surge in stateside searches for UK accommodation, there could be a flurry of American travellers exploring Great Britain. However, for those looking to get off the beaten track of London sightseeing, and instead immerse themselves in authentic Italy – I say there has never been a better time to consider buying a fractional share in an Appassionata property!

Now I know what you’re thinking, our properties are based in Italy, which of course they are. But, the properties are actually owned by UK based non-trading companies, meaning they are priced in pounds’ sterling. Couple this with the fact that the fractional ownership buying process is also very straightforward and avoids all the complexities and substantial costs associated with purchasing a property outright in Italy – it’s a savvy option for discerning Americans to consider.

So, if you’re reading this from across the Atlantic, then I will leave you with a parting thought; prioritising a lifestyle investment like this now could see you afford a third more luxury for your money. Looking to your future, you will own a one tenth share in a stunning luxury property, giving you a picture-perfect family space for five weeks’ escapism each year – and it will last a lifetime.

To read more about our property on the market, Il Riposo, and to find out about our Fractional Ownership model head here, and I hope to see you on a discovery visit to Italy soon.

Meeting people…

IL Riposo External Photo 37One of the reasons I love what I do at Appassionata so much is because I get to meet some really wonderful people. I am very opinionated, (quite a few people would tell you that, including my husband Charlie!) but I’m also passionate about everything I do… what is the point of doing something, anything, if you don’t throw yourself into it and do it properly? It’s a philosophy which guides everything I do at Appassionata, it’s ‘how we do things’.

Please allow me to explain.

A month ago when I was in the UK I got a lovely email from a lady who was enquiring about our property, Casa Tre Archi.

Casa Tre Archi

Casa Tre Archi

She had seen us advertised in Gate-Away’s e-newsletter. They were going to be in Puglia looking at properties and after seeing our advert decided to come up to Le Marche and visit us. Immediately I got a good vibe from her, she was very pleasant and asked all the ‘right’ questions. We had several emails back and forth and then 2 weeks later I was meeting them in Petritoli to show them around. Colleen, Duncan and Angus arrived just before lunch. After a long drive from Puglia on a rather warm day they were happy to be here. I showed them around and they didn’t give much away in terms of interest levels, but this is quite normal- usually the people who come and are gushing about everything from start to finish are the people you don’t hear from again.

I left them to enjoy some lunch with the local groceries I had brought for them and then we arranged to meet for dinner at Re Squarchio, our local Osteria, where we would also be joined by my parents, Dawn and Michael.

Osteria Re Sqaurchio, Petritoli

Ristorante Re Squarchio

For our business its very important to us that people meet us and we meet them. I won’t go as far as to say that we have an interview process where if you score less than 90% you don’t qualify but we seem to be able to tell instantly upon meeting people if what we are offering is going to be suitable for them and for us. We do seem to attract very likeminded individuals, families and couples. They all have a deep love of Italy and all it offers, they are all wanting to make a change in their life, setting aside time for themselves, family and friends, away in their home from home. Many of our owners have high powered/stressful jobs and so when they come here they re charge, relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility.

After a lovely meal out with the Rouse family and having spoken to them a little bit more about the house and the buying process we said good night and they wondered up to the local café to have a gelato and a digestivo. They said that they would be in touch but in the meantime would I send them the contracts and one of the current owners details so they could talk to them about their experience.

Within 2 days Duncan called and said that they had decided to buy. We were delighted as they are lovely people and we knew that they would fit in perfectly as part of the Appassionata family.

They have now completed the purchase process and chosen their 5 weeks to use this year and we are looking forward to welcoming them back in August. From viewing to becoming owners in Casa Tre Archi took 15 days.

So back to where I began. I knew instantly that Colleen was someone who, like us, was passionate about Italy, and together with her terrific sense of humour, shared by her husband Duncan and their son Angus, we had a fair amount in common; they were likeminded people, both with us, and our other owners, the Appasionata family, and we’re delighted that they have joined us.

Inner city life – demand for Italian urban living soars

“Holidaymakers don’t want to see only Italy’s touristy areas anymore. They want to experience real life – to immerse themselves in the country and its way of life, to eat where the locals eat, to feel part of the town they are staying in.”


For Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs, founder of fractional ownership company Appassionata, this has been a learning experience. Appassionata’s first two fractional holiday homes, where owners buy a one tenth share of the property and use it for five weeks per year, were located in rural Le Marche. The properties offer the ultimate in luxury rural Italian living, including pools, a tennis court and a working estate producing its own wine and olive oil.

“I was surprised by just how much the owners wanted to embrace the true Italian lifestyle,” comments Dawn. “Of course they enjoyed sunning themselves on the beach and skiing in the mountains, but they seemed just as delighted – if not more so – with buying fresh fish from the local fishermen early in the morning and learning how to make pasta with a local chef. They wanted to embrace Italy in a totally different way.”

It was owners’ feedback that guided the location of Appassionata’s third property, the urban fractional holiday home Casa Tre Archi, in the medieval hilltop town of Petritoli. The three bedroom, three bathroom house with large roof terrace is perfectly located for owners who want to experience urban Italy, from sipping coffee in a piazza to the sound of church bells tolling, to heading to the fruit and veg market to pick out locally grown produce that’s bursting with flavour.

The trend is reflected in official figures, with the Italian Revenue Service reporting a sharp upturn in the country’s buying and selling rates in Q3 2014, an increase of 3.6%. The buying and selling of urban properties was the main driver of the upturn, in line with feedback from Rupert Fawcett (one of Knight Frank’s Italian team partners) in November, who commented that, “there has been increased interest this year in city living.”

Fawcett’s observation was that buyers from the UK and US were leading the charge. Certainly this has been the case with Appassionata’s properties, though they also have owners from South Africa, Switzerland, Scotland, Ireland, France and of course Italy itself.

A one tenth share of Casa Tre Archi can be purchased for just £65,000 and it is this low price point that adds to the property’s attractions, as Dawn explains,

“The beauty of factional ownership is that buyers can get so much more for their money than if they were buying a second home outright. Given that the average second home owner is unlikely to use it for more than a few weeks a year anyway, fractional ownership makes perfect sense. Our owners arrive to find their home ready for use and never have to worry about the upkeep of the garden or minor repairs – it is the ultimate in relaxing holiday experiences.”

For more information visit or contact the Appassionata team on +39 33154 13225.

7 things I’ve learned from 7 years in Italy

Leaving behind the country in which you were born in search of unknown adventures overseas isn’t for everyone. It takes a certain combination of courage, vision and perhaps a dash of foolishness to abandon everything familiar and jump in to a new world feet first.


Seven years ago, Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs, founder of fractional ownership company Appassionata, did just that. With numerous family members in tow she left the UK for the depths of rural Italy, settling in the stunning Le Marche region to start a new venture and a new life. Now, seven years later and following the hugely successful launch of the company’s latest luxury holiday home, Casa Tre Archi, Dawn shares her insights into what she did right, what she would do differently and why every family should produce their own wine!

7 things I’ve learned from 7 years in Italy

1. Sign language is your friend

I began learning Italian as soon as I knew we were going to move here, but my language skills were still awful when I arrived. However, my stuttering attempts were well received by the welcoming locals and with that and an extensive range of gestures I managed to befriend local artisans and antique sellers tucked away in tiny villages. These new acquaintances enabled me to design the interiors of the Appassionata properties with a signature blend of antique pieces and bespoke Italian items.

2. Embrace everything

One of the things the family and I definitely got right was our open approach. We came to Italy willing to embrace and absorb everything, from trying unusual local delicacies to soaking up the culture. It’s a spirit that we maintain to this day and is part of the reason that we manage to pour so much of our love of Italy into each property that we renovate.

3. Beware bureaucracy!

If there was one thing that I would do differently if I had to move to Italy again it would be to meditate until I learned the art of patience before I arrived! Paperwork here is a long, slow process. A calm approach is essential and planning for delays is an important part of any process that is likely to involve any paperwork that is out of the ordinary. Which, when you are an expat, is just about all paperwork!

4. Make your own wine

Italy has such amazing cuisine and I feel very lucky to have had the chance to explore Le Marche so thoroughly, tasting my way around the seasonal recipes that have been cooked here for generations. What has also inspired me is Italian wine. Our first two fractional ownership properties were nestled in the countryside with a fabulous estate spread around them. Hand-planting hundreds of vines may have been a tiring task, but it was worth it when we finally got to taste the wine made as a result of our hard work. It was a process that involved the whole family and one that the owners of the two properties enjoy being a part of each year.

5. Be open to friendships from all sides

I have felt very welcomed by the locals here in Le Marche and have made some strong friendships since moving here. I’ve also made some great business partnerships and of course some that blur the boundaries between the two. An open, friendly approach is definitely something that goes down well in rural Italy. One individual that I have been lucky enough to meet is Andrea Ribichini, who I have had the pleasure to go into business with through my other venture, Appassionata Boutique.

Taking the time to get to know business contacts is important. Thankfully, with so many wonderful restaurants and some great golf courses in the area, doing this in Le Marche really does seem to be more pleasure than business.

6. See the funny side

Just like any other business venture, renovating properties in Italy has the scope for things to go wrong. Delays can crop up for all manner of reasons, but I’ve learned to see the funny side and be creative in my approach to resolving problems, which has definitely helped.

7. Expect the unexpected

Even after a decade of living here, Italy is still packed full of surprises for me. From unexpectedly rescuing a horse to discovering ancient, hidden frescoes in the palazzo that we are renovating, Italy never fails to charm, surprise and excite. Appassionata’s latest renovation, Casa Tre Archi, is an urban property that allows owners to experience the pleasure of true Italian town life – a world away from the touristy cities with their overpriced chain stores. I can’t wait to see the owners of Casa Tre Archi’s fractions begin to discover the Le Marche that I have come to know and love over my seven years here.

Shares in Casa Tre Archi are available from £65,000 for five weeks’ exclusive use per year. For more information visit or contact the Appassionata team on +39 33154 13225

Italy – a great place to do business?

“Italy is a great place to do business.”

A bold claim perhaps, given Italy’s much-documented economic woes over recent years, but for British expat Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs and her family team behind fractional ownership holiday home business Appassionata, one that rings true.


The Appassionata team moved to Italy back in 2004, long before the global economic crisis took hold. In fact, when the economy began to falter, they had already committed to the purchase and redevelopment of a collection of tumbledown farm buildings in rural Le Marche – an area known as a more authentic (and affordable) Tuscany.

Not one to be swayed from her vision of turning the buildings into two luxury holiday homes, nestled in an estate packed with vines and olive trees, Dawn carried on with her usual blend of inspiration and determination. She comments,

“When the global economic crisis began we were part way through renovating Estate Giacomo Leopardi and I knew that there was no turning back. We simply had to make the business work. What surprised me, given the repeated headlines about how much Italy has been struggling, was how quickly buyers wanted to be a part of the Appassionata dream – buyers from here in Italy, as well as from overseas.

“It turns out that with the right idea, a business can survive and even thrive in difficult economic conditions. I am sure that some of our friends thought we were barmy to carry on in the face of such circumstances, but I truly believe that Italy is a great place to do business. It has certainly proven so for Appassionata.”

The first of Appassionata’s luxury retreats, Casa Giacomo, was ready for launch in April 2011. It was divided into ten shares, each of which entitles the owner to five weeks’ use per year. All ten fractions had sold by May 2012. Casa Leopardi, the second house on the estate, was ready for owners to use by June 2012. By November 2013, nine of the ten fractions had been sold. The remaining share was purchased a year later.

Now Appassionata’s third holiday home has been released to the market, with fractions costing from £65,000. Casa Tre Archi is located in the delightful medieval town of Petritoli and boasts three bedrooms, three bathrooms and a generously proportioned roof terrace with breath-taking views to the sea over the rolling countryside. Three fractions have already sold, despite the property only being ready for use in the autumn.

With business confidence on the up (it reached 96.0 in October 2014, ending a four month decline, according to figures from ISAE/ISTAT), it will be interesting to see how quickly the remaining seven fractions of Casa Tre Archi are snapped up. It may be too early to speak of a full recovery so far as the Italian economy is concerned, but positive indicators are in place and the Consumer Price Index has reported a growth of 0.1% in prices in October, which is a good turnaround from the September figure of -0.4%. The year on year figure has also risen to 0.1%.

Further weight is added to the argument of Italy’s being a welcoming business environment by Appassionata’s other venture, Appassionata Boutique. A designer handbag line launched by Dawn and created in partnership with a local artisan who has worked for almost all of Italy’s big fashion houses, Appassionata Boutique has rapidly become a favourite of those who love high-end bags, both in Italy and beyond its borders.

“Italy has certainly been through some tough times,” concludes Dawn, “but with the right approach and the right idea it has been possible for both Appassionata and Appassionata Boutique to grow healthy businesses here. If we can achieve this level of success during the hard times, I can’t wait to see what the good times bring!”

For more information visit or contact the Appassionata team on +39 33154 13225.

UK and US buyers returning to the Italian property market

UK and US buyers are increasingly seeking properties in Italy as the challenging market conditions and currency shifts makes buying a second home even more attractive.venice-fog

According to Rupert Fawcett, a partner in Knight Frank’s Italian team the food, culture, wine and architecture and lifestyle in the country continues to attract overseas buyers.

Italy may be still struggling to shake off the Eurozone debt crisis but with the euro significantly weaker against key currencies than a year ago there are deals to be found.

‘Italy continues to face challenging market conditions with Europe again coming under the spotlight recently over its muted economic growth and with some of Italy’s banks faring badly in the latest stress tests,’ said Fawcett.

‘But la dolce vita remains a permanent feature and continues to draw buyers wanting a slice of Italian life. Buying in Italy is primarily a lifestyle choice not driven by short term investment, but longer term enjoyment, and these factors continue to allow the market a certain level of resilience,’ he explained.

He has noted increased interest this year in city living with an upturn in enquiries for Rome, Venice, Milan and Florence. ‘Rome has returned positive growth in the last quarter for the first time in several years, Venice is showing increases at the upper end and all cities have seen increased sales activity. We expect prices to remain stable in these locations over the next year, but we do not expect any price increases for at least the next few years,’ he added.

In other areas there continues to be pressure on prices due in part to the availability of a large amount of stock which means buyers tend to deliberate for longer when searching for the perfect property.

However, Fawcett said correctly priced properties in the best locations are finding good interest and, in some cases, multiple offers. Where vendors remain reluctant to reduce prices buyers are often not even enquiring let alone viewing.

There has been a decline in interest from Russian buyers but both British and US buyers are returning to the Italian real estate market. There are fewer Russians at the upper end of the market around the €5 million plus mark and most notably around parts of Sardinia and coastal Tuscany, but there has been an increase in Russian interest at lower price points especially in Liguria.

The influence of British and US buyers has also increased as both the pound and dollar strengthen against the euro. British buyers favour properties in Tuscany, Florence and Umbria as well as the Italian Lakes, Rome and Sardinia while US buyers favour properties in the Italian Lakes, Rome and Sardinia.

French buyers are number one in Venice and also showing a lot of interest in property in Liguria and Rome. Germany buyers can be found in the Italian Lakes and Umbria while Scandinavian buyers favour Sardinia. For Dutch buyers Liguria, Venice, Tuscany, Florence and Umbria are the most popular.

Fawcett pointed out that Milan will host the next Universal Exposition next year between May and October and the consensus is that this will generate increased investor interest in the country as buyers perceive better value.

‘We have already seen rising interest for both commercial and residential property from China and other Asian markets. Another sector attracting increased demand is the semi-commercial vineyard market (more than hobby wine, but less than industrial), with buyers seeking a holiday home that they can also find some commercial output from,’ he added.

Linda Travella of Casa Travella points out that recent changes to the Italian Land Registry provide buyers with a saving of up to €1,260 for every €100,000 they spend and there is no capital gains tax after five years.

‘If you purchase from a private individual as a first or main home you will save €1,260 in every €100,000, a 1% decrease in costs on the purchase. If you are buying a second home you will save €900 in every €100,000, again another 1% decrease,’ she said.

She added that there is also no inheritance tax after five years of ownership as long as the property is left to a close relation.

Sea and ski – why Italy is the perfect destination this winter

Travellers looking to escape the grey skies of the UK this winter are currently eyeing up southern Europe and, as ever, Italy is one of the top destinations for those looking for some winter sun.


“Italy is incredibly popular as a winter holiday destination,” comments Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs, founder of fractional ownership company Appassionata, who moved to Italy with her family in 2004. “Here in Le Marche there is so much to do during the winter months. The coastline offers some stunning scenery and extends for over 100 miles, making it perfect for walking, hiking and cycling holidays.

“The slopes of the Sibillini Mountains are also extremely popular, with everyone from amateurs to wannabe pros donning their snow boots and grabbing their skis or snowboards. We find that, for many of our owners, the combination of sea and ski provides the ultimate winter holiday experience.”

The owners Dawn refers to are those who have purchased shares in Appassionata’s luxury fractional ownership properties, which include stunning rural houses such as Casa Leopardi, complete with a roaring fire that is perfect for snuggling in front of with a book and a glass of wine from grapes grown on the estate as twilight falls on a winter evening.

Appassionata’s latest fractional ownership property – the three bedrooms, three bathroom Casa Tre Archi – is ideal for those looking to head south for some winter sunshine. The spacious property boasts outdoor space on three levels, allowing owners to maximise their time in the sun. In the medieval hilltop town of Petritoli, the townhouse is perfectly located for local shops and restaurants while also providing easy access to the Sibillini Mountains and the coastal town of Pedaso, which is famous for its fabulous seafood restaurants, large fish market and some of the best mussels in Italy. A one tenth fraction in Casa Tre Archi, which entitles the owner to five weeks’ exclusive use per year, costs from £65,000. Just one share remains available at this special offer price.

Overall, Italy attracted 47.7 million visitors in 2013, according to the World Tourism Organization. While big cities such as Rome and Milan and well-known areas such as Tuscany attracted their fair share of tourists, those seeking out the ‘real Italy’ are increasingly heading to Le Marche and many of them are looking to ski during the winter months.

In fact, for Brits looking to ski overseas, the 2012/13 season marked a turnaround in the market, with a 1% increase year on year in the number of skiers travelling abroad. It is the first time the sector has seen an increase since its 2007/08 peak, according to the Crystal Ski Report, but with countries such as Italy doing all they can to court tourists over the winter months, it seems that the 2013/14 season might be an even better one.

For more information on fractional ownership and the wonders of life in Le Marche, contact the Appassionata team on +39 33154 13225 or visit

From connoisseurs to family groups, Italy calls out to travellers from across the globe

From connoisseurs to family groups, Italy calls out to travellers from across the globe

“Italy has everything – stunning beaches, snow-capped mountain ranges for winter sports, world-class cuisine that is both healthy and delicious, a culture steeped in art and intellectual pursuits, a sun-drenched climate… It really is one of the most attractive countries I can think of when it comes to a holiday destination.”


So speaks Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs of luxury holiday home company Appassionata, based in Italy’s Le Marche region. And Dawn is certainly not alone in her view. The ENIT Italia survey has shown that tourist numbers were well up over the summer 2013 season, with individual tour operators reporting increases of as much as 40%.

Without question, Italy remains a top global holiday destination. From Rome’s ancient architecture, to the shopping streets of Milan, to the rural splendour, quaint medieval towns and beautiful beaches of Le Marche, Italy has such diversity that it never fails to charm and delight those who venture within its borders.

Food and wine are high up on the list of Italy’s attractions, with Virtuoso’s eighth annual Travel Dreams Survey recently identifying family pasta making lessons as one of the dream holidays for connoisseur travellers, who made up 21% of the survey’s respondents. Deb Gale, owner of a 1/10th share of Appassionata’s stunning fractional ownership property Casa Leopardi, nestled snuggling between the sparkling sea and the misty mountains, explains,

“You cannot help but love the food, the wine, the restaurants and the markets but images of our daughters and a recent fresh pasta making lesson in our farmhouse kitchen at Casa Leopardi lingers even longer.



Those looking for town life will no doubt be drawn to Appassionata’s latest offering: the three bedroom/three bathroom Casa Tre Archi, in the picturesque and unspoiled town of Petritoli. The townhouse enjoys outside space on three levels, including a generous roof terrace with room for owners to dine at a leisurely pace as the sun lowers over the rolling countryside. Family-friendly, Blue Flag beaches await those who care to venture out, while holidaymakers who prefer to relax in town can stroll through Petritoli’s pretty piazzas.

With shares available from just £65,000, entitling owners to five weeks’ usage per year, Casa Tre Archi provides the perfect way for those who want a second home in Italy to buy one without breaking the bank. The fractional ownership model also removes the stress from owning a holiday home overseas. Owners arrive to a house that is clean, well maintained and ready for them to simply drop their bags and begin having fun, while those who own their second home outright usually arrive to an overgrown garden, general maintenance and a list of outstanding minor repairs.

For more information on the benefits of fractional ownership and the joys of Italy as a holiday destination, contact the Appassionata team on 0039 073 465 8775 or visit

The Grape Escape! Foreign investors flock to Italy in search of lifestyle properties

Italy is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for foreign real estate investors thanks to its relaxed lifestyle, climate, history and heritage, according to the latest study released by Savills.

13Estate Giacomo Leopardi

The Savills Prime Residential Retreats study released April 2014, states that whilst the domestic Italian market has been subdued due to the Eurozone crisis, there is still a strong demand from international buyers looking for la dolce vita.

Russians and South Africans are amongst Italy’s most prolific international buyers, as are a growing number of French nationals, some of whom are looking to escape the threat of rising taxes back home. Chinese buyers have also flocked to Italy looking for lifestyle properties, moving on from snapping up bottles of fine wines to buying whole vineyards.

Dawn Cavanagh Hobbs, founder of Le Marche based Appassionata, comments,

“Italian properties offer so much more than just bricks and mortar, they offer the chance to step into a dynamic, living painting, to truly experience the Italian way of life. With so many fascinating and beautiful places to visit in Le Marche, even a lifetime simply isn’t enough to see everything that this stunning region has to offer.”

“With international buyers in mind, here at Appassionata we have developed luxury lifestyle properties with all the extras – olive groves, vineyards, a lavender plantation and a truffle orchard from which owners share in the bounty that these produce.

“Keen to make owning a slice of the real Italy as accessible and hassle free as possible, we have adopted the fractional ownership model. Each owner gets to use their chosen home for five weeks of every year while we take care of all aspects of the upkeep, including maintenance of the five acre estate in which the houses sit.”

Indeed, the five bedroom, five bathroom Casa Leopardi has only one share left for sale at just £195,000. With its own private pool and gym, and surrounded by terraces for outdoor dining, the property offers a level of luxury that most holiday home owners can only dream of.

For those who can’t quite stretch to buying their own Italian villa and vineyard, and who don’t fancy becoming slaves to a holiday home that requires maintenance the moment they arrive, Casa Leopardi offers the perfect solution.

Urban Fractional Ownership: Own your own Italian urban retreat from just £65,000. You do the maths.

Fractional properties offering sun kissed beaches in idyllic locations are easy to come by, offering you the opportunity to unwind in your own personal pocket of tranquility in an exotic locale but without sacrificing your wi-fi connection or perfectly chilled glass of white. But contemporary fractional owners are beginning to demand more – they want the excitement, convenience, hustle and bustle of urban life, but still within easy reach of a fabulous beach.

Thus, in recent years, developers have recognised the potential of offering fractional interests in urban areas for those craving their own slice of a pied-a-terre in a foreign setting. Cities with international appeal – luxury shopping, high levels of cultural attractions and a world-class business centre – have been extremely successful for larger, resort-style fractional developments such as Marriott’s 47 Park Street in London and The Phillips Club in New York.

More recently, smaller businesses have entered the market, offering, unique properties for sale on a more traditional fractional ownership basis. A new breed of boutique companies such as Appassionata offer the perfect combination of urban retreat and insight into traditional Italian life in a luxury environment for less – a mere fraction of the price – and are proving extremely popular.

Dawn Cavanagh-Hobbs, founder of Italian fractional ownership company Appassionata,comments,

“For urban fractional properties to succeed the old maxim ‘location, location, location’ is extremely important. Our properties aren’t necessarily going to work in just any old town – it has to be somewhere with international appeal that will attract visitors come rain or shine and be the type of place people have an enduring desire to visit and revisit.

“Picturesque hill towns nestled in Le Marche region, with their tapestry of hills, olive groves, vineyards, and pine forests, with cobbled streets, small churches and medieval watchtowers, provide the perfect urban retreat and baptism into Italian town life. Their fantastic pizzerias, locally produced wine and winding, romantic streets transport you to a different era, totally removed from modern life.

“The picture perfect town of Petritoli, where our urban fractional property is nestled, gets lovelier with each passing day. The views alone from the property are sensational. The collection of spires, towers and rooftops lie like buried treasure across the town when seen from the roof terrace, creating a delightful ambiance.”


The family-run company´s latest project in the medieval town of Petritoli is a three bedroom townhouse known as Tre Archi, packed with original features and in the process of being restored to Appassionata´s high standards. The property will provide stunning urban holiday accommodation at a snip of the usual cost – from only  £65,000 for a share that entitles owners to five weeks’ usage per year.

The benefits of urban fractional ownership make Appassionata’s Tre Archi a truly exceptional lifestyle investment for smart purchasers seeking to indulge their passion for Italy and possess their own slice of the Italian dream.