Dawn’s Story | Adding the finishing touch to Villa Veneto with Artist, Bert Jacobs

A bare wall is no fun. When starting to think about decor and the interiors of a home, many people focus on furniture and forget to consider their walls past a lick of paint or fresh roll of wallpaper. With the right artwork, any living space can be transformed from plain and boring to unique and personal.

To have a better understanding of why wall art is important in interior design, think of a room that you’ve recently been in, where the walls were bare. Regardless of how nice the furniture was, the overall room ambience lacks in character. Art adds that all-important finishing touch, bringing the room’s furnituredecorlighting and colour palette harmoniously together. With the right wall art, your room will go from functional to functional and fabulous.

I had the great fortune to meet a local artist, Bert Jacobs a few years ago.  Originally from Holland, he now lives in the beautiful medieval town of Montefiore dell ‘Aso with his wife Constance.  Together they have embraced the beauty of Le Marche living and the colours and vistas offer Bert daily inspiration for his painting.

I knew his paintings would be perfect for the high ceilings and open space of Villa Veneto. I headed over to his gallery, only a 15-minute drive away and immediately spotted a couple of beautiful paintings for the entrance hall and living area. 

In the back of my mind, I also had a vision of a large, square painting above the white leather sofa.  A beautiful olive tree in soft shades of blue. I had to pick my moment carefully……Bert is never very enthusiastic when it comes to commissioned work, but I caught him on a good day, and he happily agreed. 

A few days later Bert and Constance kindly agreed to bring over a selection of paintings for me to consider adorning the walls of Villa Veneto. Bert took the last painting out of the car and turned it to face me.  The olive tree painting, once inside my head, was staring back at me in all its glory….. and it was perfect.

We spent the next two hours placing the other paintings around the house. They added warmth and texture to the walls, pulling in the colours from around the room and settling majestically into the space around them.

More importantly, they lift your spirit and make you smile.

Thank you, Bert, your paintings will be admired and loved by many.


For more information on Villa Veneto visit www.appassionata.com or get in touch with Dawn enquiry@appassionata.com / 0039 3397719274

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